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Service Marketing

Author: Sushil Awale

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Responses to my the First, Second and Third Edition of Service Marketing with Nepalese Perspective
“Sushil sir, thank you so much for the book. Your book on Services Marketing indeed is pretty insightful”.
Prashanta Manandhar, Lecturer
(Ace Institute of Management, Pokhara University)
“In most of the books we do not understand any concept even after reading couple of pages but I started getting the clear concept from very first paragraph of this book Services Marketing written by Sushil Awale sir”.
Sandila Maharjan
Student from DAV College
“I topped the college because of Services Marketing book by Sushil Awale sir”.
Ramila Khadka,
Student from Institute of Management Studies
“Sushil Awale is co-author of one of my book. His new book on Services Marketing is comprehensive and in a nice format”.
Prof. Dr. Kundan Datta Koirala
“I have spent hours with Sushil Awale in developing this book on Services Marketing”.
Prof Dr. Govind Ram Agrawal
Being the first author in Nepal on Service Marketing book I have to tackle the high expectations of the reader. It is very difficult to delight the customers regularly. I have tried to update and improve the book but I am not full time writer. I am full time teacher of Tribhuvan University. Let me have your feed backs in my phone, mobile, email, messenger etc so I can address your needs. This book covers 100% syllabuses of Tribhuvan University BBA and BBS; covers 100% syllabuses of Pokhara University BBA and BBA–BI (Banking and Insurance); covers 100% syllabus of Purbanchal University BBA. This book is comprehensive. It has tried to cover all important aspects of service marketing therefore it is very useful for MBA, MBM, MBS programs and business practitioners as well. For last two year of third edition almost every day I have added something new I learned myself or from my well-wishers to this book. Thanks to all readers, students, colleagues and seniors.
Service marketing is a new concept. Service sector is growing very fast. Nepal have huge scope in service sector. Service sector contributes 56% in Nepalese GDP (2017).
Core competency of this book is author of this book as a first book writer in this subject and secondly service sector of Nepal is most elaborately presented therefore book is named “Service Marketing in Nepalese Perspective”. This book is trying to fulfil all gaps in prevailing books on service marketing. This single book is collection of information from multiple books and empirical studies available on services marketing. Author himself has done many researches and talked personally to the marketing directors of various service companies and senior bureaucrats working on service sector and collected their present perspective on service marketing in Nepal.
I would like to thank Prof. Dr. Pus