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Financial Accounting and Analysis

Author: Dr Tara Prd Upadhyaya, Kapil Dev Subedi, Bal Ram Thapa, Ganesh Kr Dulal, Dr. Govinda Raj Joshi, Birendra Mahato Lalit Man Shrestha
  • ISBN: 9789937303392
  • Version: English
  • Price NRs. 795
  • Published Year 2020
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Financial Accounting and Analysis us unique course offered by Tribhuvan University. It is a part of the BBS curriculum, which effectively prepares today's student for a career in volatile and dynamic with tremendous ongoing changes and issues evolving in the field of business environment. This book endeavors to provide a complete reading material for the same course, not only as reference book but also as a textbook for day-to-day use in the classroom.