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Environmental Pollution & Control

Author: Narendra Khadka & Etc
  • ISBN: 9789937300629
  • Version: English
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Environmental Science is a multidisciplinary science. Degradation of environment is the serious concern of the world. Environmental problems have started to show the various consequences to human beings and other living organisms in Nepal too. Viewing these problems Tribhuvan University introduced Environmental Science eight years ago to lessen the environmental problems in the country. Tribhuvan University has introduced M.Sc. programme to produce manpower in the field of environment. Our students are facing problems in study due to lack of study materials in this course. To meet the problems of students this book has been written. This book is written as per the syllabus of Environment Pollution and Control course.
This book is written by a team of teachers from various disciplines. Our team members have taken pains to write this book. This book is not complete as any book. There may be many short comings or inadequacy in the course content. So, we heartily welcome any suggestions from our teachers, students and others. We thank Mr. Deepak Chhetri, Dr. M.P. Gautam, Khagendra K.C., Mrs. Rita Shrestha, Paras Mani Acharya, Binod Pokhrel, Narayan Gopal Ghimire, Sarita Khadka and Salik Ram Shrestha for their help to write this book. This book will be useful to them also those who are interested to acquire knowledge in the field of environmental science.
Finally, we are grateful to Mr. Navraj Bajgain and Mr. Rajendra Adhikari of Buddha Academic Publishers and Distributors Pvt. Ltd. for publishing this book.