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Track Book 1 - An English Course

Author: Shreedhar Lohani Laxman Gnawali Shiba Thapa
  • ISBN: 9789937303460
  • Version: English
  • Price NRs. 359
  • Published Year 2020
  • Pages: 228
  • Avaliablility: In stock

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Track is a new book series in English for school level students in Nepal. Based on the integrated curriculum for students prescribed by the Curriculum Development center, Ministry of education, science and technology, this book follows a thematic approach to language learning and presents the language skills relating to the academic and life worlds. By exposing students to well written literary as well as contemporary texts, the series seeks to realize the eclectic approach to language pedagogy. Useful vocabulary, context-based grammar, real life speaking task and rich texts for reading should help students to become effective communication in English.
Each book in the series consists of ten units. Each unit includes five lessons that cover particular areas language and language learning. Looking at from the CLIL perspective, the lessons therein bring in more content than plain language exercises. Special attention is given to ensure that the learning materials are appropriate to the level of the students based on their age and graded accordingly.
Varieties of material types provide students opportunities for meaningful interaction with language. They can at the same time enjoy the classroom tasks and activities and enrich their knowledge about the world.
Care has also been taken to see that the materials are useful for a diverse group of learners. There are adequate lessons for auditory, visual and kinesthetic learners as well as for those who maintain all learning styles. Each subsequent lesson connects to the preceding ones in difficulty level and structures and function.
We expect the book series will be effectively in learning English at the elementary level in school in Nepal. We welcome constructive feedback from students, teachers, and parents for improvement in the subsequent editions.

Salient features of the book series
 Multidisciplinary integrated curriculum
 Thematically organized content-rich units
 Learner engaging tasks and activities
 Higher order critical thinking tasks
 Age-appropriate project works
 Contextual grammar and vocabulary
 Literary and contemporary reading texts
 Use of different learning styles
 Stimulating songs, chants and games
 Creative tasks and activities
 Engaging colourful images