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Track An English Course - Book 3

Author: Shreedhar Lohani, Laxman Gnawali & Shiba Thapa
  • ISBN: 9789937303774
  • Version: English
  • Price NRs. 348
  • Published Year 2021
  • Pages: 228
  • Avaliablility: In stock

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The tasks and activities in the ten units in this book are thematically organized
and grouped into different sections. Each unit contains five lessons under the heading
Look, Listen and Speak, Read and Write, Words and Grammar, Fun in Action and
Project Work. The subsequent revision section recycles the major contents dealt
with in the unit.

Look, listen and Speak lesson has multiple functions. It brings in the
language functions prescribed by the CDC curriculum and listed on the title
page of the Unit. Learners sing songs and rhymes, read the given expressions
and repeat them after the teacher. Learners first read the given dialogues and
act them out to the class. All these experiences prepare and allow them to use
English in meaningful situations. The teacher again should allow learners to
discover the meanings by getting them to participate mainly in spoken text-
based tasks.

Read and Write section presents well-chosen short passages relating to the
theme of the Unit. Learners interact with the texts with the help of the tasks
and teacher support. Reading aloud and reading silently repeatedly can give
students a feel of the texts. The teacher should encourage learners to read on
their own and provide support when they need, and ask students to write their
answers only after adequate reading and interactions have taken place.

Words and Grammar lesson deals with theme-based vocabulary in different
ways. It presents Words along with pictures that help learners to associate the
meaning with the objects. As learners can retain new words through recycling
and consolidating, the lessons include games and tasks on words already
presented. The lesson also introduces grammar in the context of the unit. The
teacher should facilitate the learning by getting learners to practice grammar
in context.
Fun in Action allows learners to be engaged in learning while having fun. The
teacher should ask learners to look at the images and/or words and respond
to them orally. Accept anything they say but you need to talk about them
describing in any way they can understand. The teacher should use games,
Songs and other materials and tasks presented in this section accordingly.

Project Work, the last lesson in each unit, allows learners to be engaged
in creative and thoughtful tasks and activities suitable for their age. They will
carry out some tasks within the class time, and they will complete others at
home. Some of them are meant to be done by learners individually or with
their colleagues but some others may need help from parents and other family
members. The teacher should help learners in understanding how the tasks
can be completed.

We believe that learners can learn a language by listening and by seeing. We have
taken care in designing the pages, the fonts, and images. The colorful images will
catch the attention of the learners who will be meaningfully engaged to work with
them. The purpose is to present a book that is both pleasing to the eyes as well as
easy to learn from. We also believe that young learners love hands-on activities, so
they dominate the lessons in the units accordingly. Careful attention has been given
to the selection of images, songs, and rhymes, thematic texts that suit the age and
developmental stage of the learners. We are also aware that a textbook cannot cover
everything the curriculum encompasses. The teacher should, therefore, use the
materials and activities as a starting point and improvise them to do justice to the
learners under their care. Each book in this series is flexible so that the teacher can
and should supply other activities and varieties to maximize their pupils' learning.