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Programming Language

Author: Er. Shankar N Adhikary
  • ISBN: 9789937301985
  • Version: English
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  • University: Pokhara University

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Information Technology is the major part that leads the society towards modernization. IT has become an important integral part of the society and business houses. Today’s managers, professionals, academicians and the individuals need IT education to enhance their knowledge. Pokhara University has offered some practical and professional subjects like computer application, Programming and Management Information System for BBA and MBA level. Programming language is offered as a special subject for BBA-BI, BCA, BE, BCIS and BBA. There is no standard book that covered whole syllabus of Programming Language curriculum. I have developed this book so that student will get complete course contents and teacher will get basic guideline how to instruct students. I have developed this book with reference to the framework of old questions asked by Pokhara University.
I have divided this book into eight chapters according to the syllabus provided by the Pokhara University.
Chapter one is related to the historical development of computer. It includes basic concept of computer, advantages and limitations of computer, history and generation of computer and types of computer etc.
Chapter two is related to computer system. It includes the concepts of computer system, block diagram of computer, I/O devices, memory system of computer etc.
Chapter three is related to program preliminaries. It includes types of programming languages, generation of programming languages, program presentation tools like flow chart and algorithm, SDLC and program development methodologies etc.
Chapter four is related to introduction to C programming. It includes concepts of C programs, operators of C, input output format on C, function of C, control logic of C, if conditions of C etc.
Chapter five is related to array and string of C. It includes concept of array, types of array, initializing the array, strings, use and application of string etc.
Chapter six is related to structure and unions. It includes the concept of structure and union, using structure with array, differences between array structure and union etc.
Chapter seven is related to Pointers. It includes the concept of pointer, using pointer with array, pointer and data file etc.
Chapter eight is related to file handling. It includes the concept of data file, file mode, reading and writing data from and on the data file etc.