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Organisational Behaviour

Author: Prof. Dr. Dev Raj Adhikari
  • ISBN: 9789937300636
  • Version: English
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  • University: Tribhuwan University

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Let me welcome all of you to this edition of Organisational Behaviour. I am grateful to my friends, readers and students, because it is their inspiration and suggestions that enabled me to bring out this edition of book.
As we all know, many changes are occurring in workplaces. Organisations are becoming knowledge-based. Globalisation has become a mantra for corporate survival. Developments in information technology and networking systems such as mobile phone, email and internet have challenged traditional organisational structures. Organisations are looking for people with a high level of competency and multi-skills to perform knowledge-based jobs.
Taking into account the above challenges facing our organisations, this book has been prepared to familiarise business students, academicians and practicing managers with the concepts, practices and developments in the areas of organisational behaviour. The OB concepts presented in the book are of great use to an understanding and prediction of human behaviour in organisational settings. Of course, the book is not a reinvention in the area, but it is based on the works undertaken by the theorists and practitioners in the last six decades. The book is useful for all who work, think and feel in and around organisations, as well as for students pursuing MBS and MBA in different universities.