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Office Practice & Accountancy 8

Author: L P Pandey & Dhruba Prasad Subedi
  • ISBN: 9789937300575
  • Version: English
  • Price NRs. 150
  • Published Year 2017
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Quality education ensures the overall development of an individual. Quality education demands quality textbooks that shape and develop inner potentiality of a reader. The traditional reading materials have failed to fulfill the present competitive requirement of the learners who have the urgency to strengthen themselves in diverse fields and expose or apply their competency in the global environment.
Considering this reality, we have come up with ‘Office Practice and Accountancy’ for Grade VIII students. We, indeed, feel immense pleasure for our invaluable attempt to meet the pressing and changing need of the present day learners. It is, in fact, an ideal product with distinct concepts and features in the field of ‘Office Practice and Accountancy’. Thus, this is an outcome of prolonged and efficient teaching experience in the concerned field. It has been written in plain words with practical examples to match the requirement and level of the learners.
The book contains the following distinct features:
Learning Objectives Every chapter of the book begins with learning objectives, which the readers should be able to achieve after they have completely studied it. The illustrative examples, figures, lists, theoretical questions as well as class work and home work problems are designed to help them achieve the objectives.
Points to Remember (PTR) Important points and concepts have been emphasized in the boxes entitled ‘PTR’. These boxes help to overview quickly the main points of the sections as well as additional information required to the readers. Those PTR also help to remind the main conclusion of the text as well as main points of the topic.
Illustrations The illustrations given in the chapters cover every possible requirement of the readers. These illustrations help to clarify the subject matter relating to theoretical aspect as well as practical aspect.
Key Terms At the end of every chapter, a list of key terms has been provided for a quick review and linking purposes of the relevant terms. Those terms help to clarify the meaning of the related terms used in the chapters.
Theoretical Questions At the end of every chapter, a section relating to ‘Theoretical Questions’ is provided which helps the readers to develop their theoretical understanding of the concerned chapters. Such theoretical questions are also useful from the point of view of final examination.
Class Work and Home Work Problems This book has provided a large number of numerical problems at the end of the related chapters. These problems help the readers to get mastery in the chapters. These problems are arranged in order of simple to complex, and the problems are classified into class work problems and home work problems. The class work problems are to be solved in the classroom with the help of the teacher and home work problems are for their home assignments, which they can easily solve after solving the class work problems.