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Marketing Management

Author: Sushil Awale
  • ISBN: 9789937301534
  • Version: English
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  • University: Tribhuwan University

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For last one and half year of second edition almost every day I have added something new I learned myself or from my well-wishers to this book. Thanks to students, colleagues and seniors.
Service marketing is a new concept. Most people in Nepal do not have clear understanding of service product. Awareness on the importance of service sector is growing in both public and private sector. Government started giving emphasis on service sector. Service sector contribution has been more than 50% in the GDP of Nepal.
Though marketing have the crucial role in selling product, services, and ideas, it has been taken for granted. Few student take over the marketing specialization in the advance level. There is lack of marketing human resources. One of the reasons behind this is lack of the marketing literature through Nepalese prospective. Other reason is lack of resources in this subject.
This book is just trying to fulfil those gaps mentioned above. This single book is collection of information from multiple books available on services marketing. This book has tried to present all available Nepalese service marketing dimensions. Author himself has talked personally to the marketing directors of various service companies and senior bureaucrats working on service sector and collected their present perspective on service marketing in Nepal.
This book being the first book on services marketing with Nepalese perspective in Nepal, it will be very useful for all managers and practitioners to enhance their knowledge on service marketing management. And definitely this book has accommodated complete syllabus of Tribhuvan University BBA, Purbanchal University BBA, Tribhuvan University MBS, and major part of other bachelor and MBA programs.