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International Banking and Insurance

Author: Rabindra Ghimire and Arjun Kafle

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Service sector is more globalized and internationalized due to the faster growth of the information, communication and technology. By the nature of the business, insurance sector is more internationalized than bank. International banking has been regarded as a backbone of the foreign trade, industrialization and migration. Now, both bank and insurance sectors cross the national boundary and serve the citizens of every country.
We have plenty of books written by foreign authors in international banking but there is a lack of organized study materials on international insurance. This book is an effort to fulfill the demand of students, academicians, researchers and all those who are interested to expand there knowledge base in international banking and insurance.
The book has been divided in two parts and eight chapters. First part explains about the different dimensions of international banking under the four chapters. First chapter discusses about the International Banking, it types and functions. Second chapter is related to the correspondent banking while third chapter deals with the basics of exchange rates, and fourth chapter discusses on international remittances.
Similarly, Second part deals about the international insurance within four chapters. Fifth chapter discusses on international practices and status of the insurance business while Sixth chapter is related to the global market of insurance, products and role of multinational insurers to develop the local market. Seventh chapter discusses how the reinsurers manage the global risks. Eighth chapter explores the activities of different international insurance associations and forum as well as domestic associations of insurance.