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Elementary Marketing - Garde XI

Author: K. D. Koirala
  • ISBN: 9789937306382
  • Version: English
  • Price NRs. 300
  • Published Year 2021
  • Pages: 226
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Marketing today has entered the social dimension with the introduction of the
Holistic approach. Marketing is not only limited to customer satisfaction, but also to
the exploration, creation and delivery of value to the customers and the society as
a whole. Noticeably, Nepalese society is rapidly developing, not just in terms of the
consumption behaviour of people, but largely in the pattern of life-style, thoughts and
changing values.
The growth and use of the information communication technology (ICT) has brought
the world together. Similarly, the service of the telecommunications, television, mobile
phone, and many other forms of media has tremendously created a huge market for
consumer electronics. Side by side, they have opened up new avenues for electronic
marketing through telephone, television and the Internet. As a result, direct marketing
has entered a new era with the technological advancements.
With all that in the background and taking the collective wishes, feedbacks and
responses of the teachers of ‘Marketing’, and the expectations of the learners under
consideration, the author has revised this book with new insights and teaching-learning
aids. Many situation analyses and mini-cases have been included to make the students
more analytical and creative. The book follows the new chapter scheme according to
the new syllabus of Grade XI of the Curriculum Development Centre (CDC).
At this hour of bringing forth the book at the best, I would like to express my sincere
gratitude to all the teachers of ‘Marketing’ for providing valuable and constructive
suggestions that really helped for the book to come to this stage and standard with
much improvement in this edition. Therefore, we hope that once you go through the book, you will find it exactly the type you needed and were looking for