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Economics II - Grade XII

Author: Dr Nav Raj Kanel, Dr Madhav P Dahal, Dr Nar B Bista, Mani Ratna Lamsal & Indra P Bhusal
  • ISBN: 9789937303903
  • Version: English
  • Price NRs. 575
  • Published Year 2023
  • Pages: 396
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Economics is a popular subject. It is also an applied science. Many activities of our daily life are related with economics. Economics has also significant role in national and international news. Economics is offered as a subject not only in humanities and social sciences but also in management, education and law. That could be the main reason why many students are attracted towards studying economics.
This book Economics-II is designed for students of management stream pursuing Grade XII under Higher Secondary Education Board (HSEB) of the Government of Nepal. It is strictly within the HSEB syllabus framework. As far as possible, we have tried to present the subject matter with illustration to make it reader friendly. We have provided sufficient Things to Remember (TTR) and Assignments at the heart of every topics, and Glossary of Key Words in each chapter. Instead of assembling all questions at the end of the chapter, we have inserted them in the middle of every chapter considering the class of nearly 45 minutes. We hope this will help students to participate in learning activities in the class and at home.
Besides these, we have included pictures in the beginning of every lesson which makes economics more interesting. Likewise, many students feel that it is boring subject. So, we have included Warm Up Activities before staring lesson which creates interest among students and they will be ready to learn effectively. At the end of the book, a sample hand written answers of HSEB-2070 has been included which shows the right path to the students to write answer.
The specific distinct features of this book are:
• Warm up activities
• Things to Remember (TTR)
• Colour pictures in each chapter page
• Learning objectives
• Home/class assignment
• Attractive figures
• One set hand-written answer (HSEB 2070)
• Main points and glossary at the end of each chapters