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Business Studies - I (Grade XI)

Author: dr Prem R Panta, Dr Deepak Shakya, L P Pandey, Dhruba Subedi & Rajan Bikram Thapa
  • ISBN: 9789937303552
  • Version: English
  • Price NRs. 480
  • Published Year 2021
  • Pages: 330
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The nature and scope of business organizations have been changing at an ever-accelerating pace. As a result of these changes taking place in business activities, the need and importance of teaching the subject of Business Studies I at the junior college and higher secondary school levels have increased tremendously. The importance of this subject is bound to increase further in the years to come. After going through the available books on the subject, we felt that there is a need of a textbook incorporating the most recent concepts in organization and office management. This book has been written to meet that need and, specifically, it has been designed to serve as an introductory textbook for the higher secondary school level students. It meets the curriculum requirements prescribed for this level.
Keeping in view the objectives and curriculum requirements stated above, the entire subject-matter of the book has been divided into five sections containing 18 chapters. Chapters 1 and 2 is devoted to the study of business system and its evolution. These chapters provides the necessary background material to students to enable them to understand the concept, nature and development of the present-day business. A basic knowledge about the nature and characteristics of a wide variety of organizational forms and some necessary legal requirements is a must in order to bring a business into existence and get it going. Hence, the forms of business organization are explained in Chapters 3 to 9. Chapter 10 deals about the business support agencies in Nepal. Chapter 11 to 14 concentrates on the important concepts of office management together with office accommodation and layout. It also deals with the important methods of filing and indexing used in modern offices. Chapter 15 highlights office machines and furniture. The concepts of office machines and furniture are highlighted as important devices of efficient office management. Chapter 16 deals about the business communication. It deals about qualities of the letter as well as drafting the business letter.
We have tried to make the book very simple and interesting. Its style is friendly and warm. It is well illustrated, well-spaced, and with adequate summaries. A careful use of study aids (such as, learning objectives, figures, tables, pictures and review questions) has been made for the purpose. The layout has been designed to make it more accessible and easy for students.
- There are boxes with crucial information and detailed step-by-step checklists throughout the chapters.
- In order to inspire students’ imagination, many real-life photographs with content-driven captions are presented throughout the chapters. These photographs reinforce and expand the materials covered.
- All chapters contain one or more box features called “Things to Remember” (TTR). Each box-feature summarizes the important definition and concept that justifies extra attention of students.
- A list of references has been provided at the end of the book with a view to give the students necessary information about the several materials used and available on the subject.
- At the end of each chapter are review questions that can be used to assist the learning process.