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Business Statistics

Author: P R Joshi, Pravat Uprety, Rajesh K Thagurathi, Surendra R Nepal, Bal K Khadka & Nirajan Bam
  • ISBN: 9789937301237
  • Version: English
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  • University: Pokhara University

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The use and familiarity of statistics in most of the faculties and higher education level, each student, academician as well as researcher seeks the proper book to identify the tools and techniques of analysis. There is high demand of expensive books from foreign publications and the book is out of reach for many readers. To minimize this difficulty many of the readers pressure us to write the standard test and reference in Nepal. We hope this book "Business Statistics" will help to solve the problems of students, faculties, researchers and academicians.
This book is designed to cover the syllabus of BBA, BBA-BI, BBA-TT, BCA and BCIS of Pokhara University and BBA course of Kathmandu University as well. It is also useful as a reference material for MBA course of Pokhara University.
The book contains nine main chapters with more than 150 worked out examples. Most of the PU board questions are solved in worked out examples.