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Business Environment in Nepal

Author: Prem R Panta, Pushkar Bajracharya

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In a fast changing world, business firms face complex environment. The ever changing economic, political, legal, socio-cultural, technological, and global forces exert profound influence on the operation of these firms. These external forces provide opportunities as well as threat to them. A manger, therefore, has to analyze these environmental factors to avail the opportunities and to mitigate the threats provided by them.
Economic reforms initiated by the Government of Nepal during the last two decades or so prolonged socio-political-legal transition in the country have influenced the business environment significantly. Today, Nepalese business and industry are in the serious state of difficulty. The ever growing process of globalization, open door to imports, trade and transit hurdles, political conflicts, energy crisis, widely used e-business practices, and the obvious shift to a buyer’s market have thrown new challenge on business manager
This book has written in accordance with those undergraduate and graduate courses by different universities in Nepal and will cater to the requirements of students as well as teachers. Our aim is to provide undergraduate and graduate students with a relatively simple and clear introduction to the essentials of business environment in Nepal. It is gratifying to us that the students of business have found this book useful and that new edition is now being published.
The present edition has incorporated the latest information on different dimension of the emerging Business Environment in Nepal and the materials have also been thoroughly upgraded. In addition to providing through and comprehensive coverage of the subject, we have included an integrated learning system. Each chapter opens with the series of learning objectives and closes with a summary, question for a review, and references. We hope that the revision made in this edition will add to its utility. However, any work on this subject can be hardly up-to-date and complete as the business environment changes quite frequently.