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Applied Mathematics I

Author: Prof. Dr. K. K. Shrestha & Rajesh K. Thagurathi
  • ISBN: 9789937302357
  • Version: English
  • Price NRs. 435
  • Avaliablility: In stock
  • University: Pokhara University

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This book is designed to meet the requirements of students studying in BBA, BCA and BCIS of Pokhara University. Efforts have been made to present the matter in a clear and simple way. Many interesting and relevant applications are drawn from the fields of economics, business and physical sciences.
This book is to written with two goals in mind.
- First, to make students realize that mathematics plays a supporting tool for the subject like economics, business etc.
- Secondly, there is no single book available in the market which covers all the topics prescribed by Pokhara University.
We have done our level best to cover the whole course. We are therefore confident that both the teachers and students will find this book complete and inevitable. We shall feel highly rewarded if the book is found to be useful.
In the preparation of this book we have consulted freely all the standard works on the subject. We express our gratitude to the authors and publishers of the various standard books.